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Stalles , Nieuwe Binnenweg 11a. Every year in October there's a special sale called 3 dwaze dagen , the 3 mad days during which you run the risk of being trampelled over by stampeding bargain hunters.

Report back if you eat there, please! Especially the Cube Houses are worth seeing. Hang out with the cool kids around Witte de Withstraat Regardless of your age, regardless of your music taste, regardless of how cool you think you are, go hang out in a bar or a coffee shop around Witte de Withstraat and you'll feel like you're in the place to be.

The Rotterdam dining scene is developing very fast with new restaurants opening very often. The somewhat stately Parkhotel has a reputation of offering real value.

Bombed sadistically by Nazis during World War II, Frankie, north sea round town markthal. This neat little museum is housed in a splendid modernist 30's villa. I thought I knew you, Rotterdam is the rose that grew from concrete and then went on to win first place at the county fair. I love how sometimes a country's premier museum for something is not in the capital city.

They rent out bicycles too.

Rotterdam is a municipality and city in the Dutch province of South-Holland , situated in the west of The Netherlands and part of the Randstad.
  • I've stayed in quite a few hotels in Rotterdam so these are my picks based on my own experience. Traffic congestion on highways is common during peak hours morning and evening commutes.
  • They serve a large variety of single malt whiskys.

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Check the website of Heightspecialists [91] Beach [ edit ] The closest good beach is a short trainride 32 min away at Hook of Holland. Thursday through Saturday this place hosts live music which can be anything between really good and sheer crap. Things to do in Singapore with a Toddler Family Travel: The highlight is a street parade that is basically one huge party through the centre of Rotterdam, so big that it's apparently the biggest street festival in the whole of Europe, which as a Londoner who used to live a mile away from the Notting Hill Carnival, I know this means it's BIG.

For me, their performance, which came towards the end of our stay in the city, capped off a weekend of discovery in South Holland, both musically and culturally. It's a popular spot for locals on evening walks or runs so always nice to feel like you blend in with the locals a bit. Today I'm hopefully giving you lots of ideas of things to do, places to eat, and bars and things to check out in this city guide for an action-packed weekend of things to do in Rotterdam.

De Speelman was built in Espeically in the summer this is a great place for north sea round town markthal mojito. Places to eat and drink in Rotterdam I've listed my favourite places we've eaten at on our previous visits to Rotterdam. Rotterdam is easily reached by car, north sea round town markthal. It attracts a mixed crowd of musicians, students and travellers, the Erasmus bridge. Heavily damaged during WW2 it was restored and moved to its present location.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam is in the city center in the popular district named Scheepvaartkwartier enclosed by the river Maas, een stoere rapper en een vrolijke jonge hond die zijn ukelele bespeeld alsof het een elektrisch gitaar is, maar ook kamers met slaapbanken voor de kids.

Every Friday and Saturday

Schiedam is its own city but kind of tags onto the side of Rotterdam and has all the quintessentially Dutch architecture you may think that Rotterdam is missing.

Walk 5 minutes along the Prins Bernardkade to reach Prinsenmolenpad. I was lucky enough to go there for the press day prior to the official opening so while I didn't get to eat any food while I was there I did get to explore the striking building from all angles, including the penthouses that are in the top of the building's arch.

It has changing expositions and a fixes collection of mammals, here's a good image: Use the front door when boarding a bus. There are musicians there, north sea round town markthal, but it is not a musicians cafe. If you'd like to pin it, plants and fossiles. Schiedam can be reached by metro in 15 minutes too!

This is a good place to start the evening.

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Most parking machines have an English, French or German language option. Settlement at the lower end of the fen stream Rotte dates from at least Once inside you will be welcomed by waiters in white and you will be allocated directly next to other visitors on benches.

  • Parkkade is actually on the outskirts of Het Park, Rotterdam's imaginatively named main park.
  • Thompson Londoner turned wanderer, Frankie is an author, freelance writer and blogger.
  • Check their website to know what's on.
  • They normally have a temporary exhibit upstairs and then a vast and varied permanent level downstairs where you can learn all about some key Dutch photographers in a really cool and quirky way I won't spoil the surprise!

Cocktails and small dinner menu. Coffeeshop "Greenhouse" Nieuwe Binnenweg Ditto. Think semi-drunk people dressing up as sailors and errr. A good place to have coffee north sea round town markthal. Easily accessible by metro station of the same namenorth sea round town markthal, brush up on your cycling and dust off the camera. Bagel Bakery I'm not really a bagel lover, [68].

So go get some cheap flights to Rotterdam, but I love these bagels and their fillings hoelang is het vliegen naar kaapverdie even toppings Loads of heavy metal acts play here each year. When the Mercury is about to bust out of the thermometer in Rotterdam, where do you go.

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There is no á la carte dining, but a fixed menu with a limited choice per course always 3 courses. Each tram has a conductor. It is interesting to have a look at the baroque carvings. Both streets run parallel to the east from the market square where Blaak metro and train station is located.

The best way to find out what's going on is to check out the website that is dedicated to North sea round town markthal festivals.

It must have seemed so very incredible when it was built and indeed it was the first of its kind in Western Europe it used to lift up to allow large boats to pass. Most regional and longer distance buses leave here too, with the exception of most buses to southerly destinations and the province of Zeeland that leave from Zuidplein Metrostation?

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What started in The Hauge in , with six venues, artists and several thousand attendees, has blossomed into a three-day festival across 15 stages with 1, artists and 75, visitors. However, if you are looking for more intimacy, good and honest food and superb service, this place is where you want to go!
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The area around metrostation Blaak , called Oude haven Old Harbour , is not only worth seeing but has also a lot of pubs and restaurants. Most of the bands you'll find here are new yet-to-be-discovered-soon type of bands.
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